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Exquisite life丨Better customized mattress

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Exquisite life丨Better customized mattress

Exquisite life丨Better customized mattress
One-third of a person's time is spent in bed, 7-8 hours a day; if a person lives 100 years old, 40 years are spent in bed.
◆ In the last article, we talked about different levels of consumption and age, different aesthetics and favorite beds. Today, the editor will tell you how to choose a tight top mattress that has been with you for decades. An environmentally friendly and suitable mattress, Mercury has been committed to researching Chinese healthy bedding for many years. It will definitely bring you the most comfortable sleep.
◆ Mattresses are selected according to different users;
Newly-married couples or parents with a baby to sleep, the biggest troubles are the children's bedwetting, spitting up, and other water stains, followed by pregnant women, lying-in women, and newborn babies are people with relatively weak immunity; so in fabrics, stuffing Special attention must be paid to environmental protection in the selection of materials, and the leakage of urine stains must be isolated in function;
Only for the first time ◆ Professionally tailored for the newlyweds or parents with a baby to sleep
Bamboo fiber fabric: antibacterial, anti-mite, dehumidification and deodorization (widely used in textiles of baby products, high-end underwear, towels)
Wavy sponge: Massage acupressure to promote blood circulation
3E coconut dream brown: zero formaldehyde, no noise, sufficient support
DuPont Tyvek: Breathable and anti-leakage, insulate water leakage, keep the thin latex mattress manufacturer dry and sanitary;
◆ For children and adolescents aged 0-25, during the growth and development period, the metabolism and oil secretion are prone to cause the breeding of bacteria, germs and mites. This is how acne comes, so a high-quality thin king size mattress is needed for protection.
Mercury Baby ◆ Professionally customized for children and teenagers aged 0-25
Double-sided aloe fabric: sterilization and anti-mite, reduce the breeding of bacteria and mites
Double-sided 3E Coconut Dream Vitamin: Harden the spine to protect the growth period
Double-sided demolition design: convenient for daily sterilization and cleaning care
◆Middle-aged and elderly couples have relatively weak bone tissues. The metabolism of the new city is relatively weak. They are more afraid of the cold than young people. They turn over and get up more often. You can choose some thin double mattresses that are more convenient for middle-aged and elderly couples.
Autumn whispers◆Professional customization for middle-aged and elderly couples
Velvet cloth fabric: outstanding warmth, skin-friendly
Double-sided 3E coconut dream dimension: strong support performance, protect the lumbar spine and bones
Customized low-profile spring: easier to get up and get out of bed
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