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Don’t worry about choosing a bed and mattress for your baby!

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Don’t worry about choosing a bed and mattress for your baby!

Don’t worry about choosing a bed and mattress for your baby! Raiders +15 crib evaluation!
Today I will talk about the problem of cots and mattresses. But each country has different standards for cribs. Today we mainly refer to the latest crib standards in the United States. Parents should pay attention to them.
1 Precautions for baby bed selection
First of all, let’s take a look at some of the main points of crib selection:
1. The spacing between the bed guard rails must be less than 6cm to prevent the baby from sticking his head out from the middle of the guard rails and causing them to jam
2. The distance from the top of the bed to the mattress cannot be less than 26 inches (66cm), and as the baby grows taller, lower the mattress at any time;
3. The partitions at the head and the end of the bed should be solid, and there should be no cutouts or decorations to avoid hurting the baby; the corner posts at the four corners of the bed should be flush with the headboard, or very high, so as not to scratch children's clothes. Cause danger
4. Do not use the crib that moves sideways up and down to avoid failure of the siderail, which will cause the baby's head to be caught inside and cause injury;
5. Do not choose or buy second-hand cribs, because the old cribs may not meet the current safety standards. In addition, due to the long use time, problems such as chipping may occur;
6. If the crib has the function of changing to a crib, but the height of its bed must not be lower than 12cm to avoid falling down and being injured.
In addition, when using the crib, pay attention to: do not place items around the crib and other beds, although this may reduce the damage to the baby, it will increase the risk of suffocation.
2 Common crib evaluation
The following is a comparison of 15 cribs, the first of which is a cradle bed, because many people have doubts about whether to buy a cradle bed, and parents do not have to be too entangled. If the economic conditions at home allow, it is also possible to buy a cradle bed, after all, use It is relatively convenient and convenient to carry out. But its practicality is not very strong, because after only a few months, the cradle bed can no longer be used, and you still need to buy a cot, so for the question of whether to buy the cradle bed, parents can choose according to their own Situation. It doesn't matter if you don't buy it, the crib can also meet the needs of the little ones.