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Do you want to tear off your new ?

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Do you want to tear off your new ?

Do you want to tear off your new ?Listen to the old master said, only to find my home to do wrong for more than ten years
Do you want to tear off your new buy cheap mattress?Listen to Lao shifu said, only to find that my family do wrong more than ten years, buy back after the comfort rest mattress, baby foam mattress was attached with a layer of plastic film is one of our common protective film, and for this layer of protective film, unknown, seems to be more owners thought is to be able to let the outdoor foam mattress in the process of using direct, protection to the sleeping mattress price is more resistant to dirty one design.
But the idea is wrong, because the small foam mattress in the process of using, is don't need any plastic film for protection, is one of the things will be useful to the old days, that is to say, the overall design style can be implemented on the entire household to design more beautiful design, can help to the household life better and more beautiful.
So today, follow small make up to see about household life together, and in the process of household decoration, need to pay attention to some content, hope to share out can help you oh.
full size spring mattress plastic film, as long as in the use of open natural twin mattress, lost the meaning of existence, because of the decoration, is completely done, in the adornment of the overall feeling is very wonderful, but for the whole household design, you can see is presented on the style of whole household design.
1. No heat
Plastic film if not removed directly for use, there will be no cooling phenomenon, for the summer, sleep a night can not sleep, and the back will keep the fever, this feeling is like a child long prickly feeling.
2. There are toxic
The material of plastic film, believe everybody knows, itself, the design of plastic film is in order to be able to help the new bed and mattress to be able to bear dirty, so when sleeping, plastic film is close to breathing tube, the harm to the human body is extremely huge.
Well, about the installation of the sleep comfort mattress and the design, in the overall design, there are differences, for the plastic film of the standard mattress, must be removed in time oh.