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Do you want a plumbing mattress that keeps parents warm and comfortable?

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  • Time of issue:2020-12-24
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Do you want a plumbing mattress that keeps parents warm and comfortable?

Do you want a plumbing mattress that keeps parents warm and comfortable?
This is what Ms. Tao from Nanjing wants to say to her parents, expressing the wishes of her children. Let's listen to their stories and the mattress together!
As Ms. Tao said, parents are getting older and more afraid of the cold than young people. If they want to sleep well on this cold winter night, they need a warm and comfortable bed, such as a mattress. Why do you say that?
Safe and secure
Mom and Dad sleep at ease
The mattress of this product does not contain any live parts, avoiding the hidden danger of leakage, and will not generate electromagnetic waves; the main unit adopts a water and electricity separation design, so that the main unit and the water flowing into the mattress water pipe are not charged, and the power is automatically turned off when dumped Design, anti-overheating protection, anti-freeze cracking at low temperature, water shortage prompt, anti-scalding design of the water injection port, etc. With the plumbing mattress on all night, parents can sleep at ease and their children can rest assured.
Warm not dry
Mom and Dad slept comfortably
On cold nights, put a mattress on, and warm water circulates between the main unit and the water pipe of the mattress, thereby warming the bed. The temperature can be adjusted gradually between 25-60℃. After adjusting the appropriate temperature, the bed temperature will always be controlled within the comfortable range of the human body, and the heat distribution will be even, and the whole bed will be warm. From the time parents go to bed to wake up the next morning, the blankets are the same warmth, which naturally makes them sleep more sweetly.
Energy saving and silent
More worry-free use
Parents of this generation are accustomed to frugality. When using electrical products, they usually consider whether to consume electricity. Fortunately, when the A mattress is running, the energy loss is low, and it only costs about 0.4 yuan*1 for the entire night. You don’t have to worry about electricity bills if you leave it on all night; the main unit of the plumbing mattress strictly selects the BLDC DC variable frequency water pump, and adopts an innovative overhead soft-contact design, which greatly reduces noise, and the sound during operation is less than 25 decibels*2, even if parents sleep If you are shallower, you can sleep peacefully.
Left and right zone temperature control
More free temperature adjustment
If parents have different temperature needs, it is better to choose this dual-temperature water heating mattress. The temperature on the left and right sides can be adjusted freely between 25-60 ℃. Parents don’t have to accommodate each other, everyone can Choose the most suitable sleeping temperature for you, and you can sleep more comfortably.
With so many advantages in one plumbing mattress, don't you be tempted? The winter solstice is approaching, the weather is getting colder, but love can be warm! Don't let love wait, the mattress can bring your love to warm the most important people in life, accompany them to warm the winter, and enjoy a comfortable sleep all night!