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Do you know the history of mattresses?

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Do you know the history of mattresses?

Do you know the history of mattresses?
The history of the mattress
In the remote primitive society, our ancestors lived a simple life of picking and hunting. The sky is like a dome, and the ground is a wilderness, with the starry sky as a blanket and the earth as a blanket. Sleeping is so simple.
I don't know which ape-man at any moment on which day, and began to realize: rest and sleep should be a bit different. Thus, for the first time, human beings have the concept of bedding. Since then, in a long historical period, I began to spend my thoughts on sleeping well.
The historical development of mattresses
The history of mattresses, the progress from the popularization of the upper class to the people
In 3400 BC, the Egyptian pharaoh found that laying wooden frames on the ground felt more comfortable to sleep. Among them, there is a bed made of ebony wood and gold, while most people use layers of palm leaves as a bed at home. During the Roman Empire, the Romans invented the water bed. People who wanted to sleep lay on a cradle in warm water until sleepy, and then they were lifted to a row of cradles with cushions, and then gently gently by the servants. Shake until you fall asleep.
In the Renaissance era (8th-9th centuries), the mattress was made of pea shells or straw, or feathers were stuffed into the sleeve, and then covered with luxurious velvet, brocade and silk.
From the 16th to the 17th century, mattresses were usually stuffed with straw or feathers and placed on a hammock made of hemp rope. At the end of the 18th century, beds made of pig iron and cotton mattresses were born. At the same time, this way of sleeping reduces the trouble caused by insects. Before this, even the nobles in the palace regarded "sleeping with insects" as an inevitable phenomenon.
The birth of the modern mattress
The technological era begins
With the advancement of technology, people's requirements are becoming more and more demanding. In 1865, the first spring mattress was born in the United States, opening the history of modern sleep. Since then, with the development of mattress technology, the types of mattresses have been introduced and the quality of human sleep has been continuously improved, which has promoted the rapid development of the entire mattress work.
In 1938, the central nest mattress under the US Diamond Mattress was launched. The American Central Nest Smart Bed is a top international sleep brand jointly created by a team of international designers such as Swedish home designer JONAS Blomberg, Spanish architectural environment engineer Andres, and American sleep engineer James.
Through continuous exploration of the relationship between sleep quality and adaptive sleep, Yangchao has developed a unique "comfort + support" mode, which can fully adapt to the sleep of people of different ages, heights and weights, and truly adapt the mattress to the human body , Instead of letting the body adapt to the mattress.
The mattress is closely related to you
The evolution of the bed is closely related to the development of society
Every change is a reflection of social factors
From ancient times to today
Strong historical process
Fully show our bedding
How is it related to class and lifestyle
Society today
Naturally, there is no social class difference between common people and Pharaoh
The mattress has flown into the homes of ordinary people
And choose a good mattress
Can make you the master of your own sleep