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Do I need to tear off the plastic film that comes with the mattress?

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Do I need to tear off the plastic film that comes with the mattress?

Do I need to tear off the plastic film that comes with the mattress? A lot of people don’t understand, they keep doing wrong
Generally, after the renovation of the new house, we will buy a new batch of new furniture for the home. This will make the new house look very beautiful as a whole. So when we buy furniture, we have to choose the right furniture, otherwise, it will be a waste of house space after the purchase. Especially when buying a bed, most of the time, in addition to buying a bed, we will add another mattress, because the bed board is relatively hard, and we feel very uncomfortable when we sleep on it. So the mattress solves our trouble very well. But when we buy a mattress, we will find that it is covered with a plastic film, so when we actually use it, do we need to tear off the plastic film? The following editor will explain to you in detail.
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The packaging film on the mattress has a certain isolation effect, so that the mattress can be kept clean and hygienic during the sale or transportation of the mattress. But we must tear off the plastic wrap after we buy the mattress and use it again. Generally, mattresses are relatively soft. We tear off the plastic wrap during use to allow air to enter the mattress more, which costs him a lot of comfort. In summer, we will have a lot of Sweat and heat, and in order to cool down, we may lie directly on the mattress, so the mattress directly absorbs our hot sweat. At this time, we must tear off the plastic wrap so that the mattress can absorb air. The bad air radiated out.
If your mattress is used without tearing off the packaging film, after living for a period of time, you will find a lot of acne on your back, which greatly affects our usual sleep. This is because your packaging film is not torn off in time, causing the mattress to be in a state of heat and airtight, so it still has a certain impact on our health.
Therefore, after we buy the mattress, we must tear off her packaging film in time. If we are worried that the mattress will be soiled in normal times, we can directly choose to wipe it with a towel and keep the room ventilated. If it is convenient, you can also move to the sun for exposure, so that it can effectively sterilize. When we go to bed at night, our sleep quality is guaranteed.