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Different age group, how should choose mattress?

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Different age group, how should choose mattress?

It doesn't matter how good the used hotel mattresses for sale is if it doesn't fit you.
We always ignore age when choosing a best coil mattress.The body condition of each age is different, the demand to mattess also differs somewhat.Today, we follow qi jia milk tea to understand, different age groups how to choose thin king size mattress.
I. infants (3-3 years old)
Why do babies and toddlers between the ages of three months not count?Because at the time of the baby's birth, there was no need to sleep on a 12 inch foam mattress, which affected bone development.When the babies are older, give them a mattress.
Infant metabolism is the most exuberant in all age groups, and every day to sleep more than 10 or 20 hours, long-term sleep in bed, mattress ventilation and drainage capacity must be good, to avoid the fuggy feeling.At the same time also want to have good anti - bacterial mite, protect baby skin health
Infant bones have not yet developed, can not sleep too hard mattress, mattress to soft and comfortable and have a certain bearing, can take care of the baby's spine health, promote growth and development.
Ii. Children (3-10 years old)
Like infants and young children, children sleep metabolism is also extremely fast, mattress to air dry requirements are also very high, the need for rapid moisture absorption sweat.Palm mattresses are great for children to sleep in, sleep sensation, air permeability are in line with the needs.
Children grow and develop quickly but resistance is far inferior to adult, when choosing mattess for this age group children, still need to notice mattess environmental protection performance, whether to use the material that does not have formaldehyde naturally, whether to be able to restrain bacterium to eliminate mite to wait.
3. Adolescents (11-24 years old)
Like the elder generation advocates "young people want to sleep hard bed board" it is not advisable, sleep hard bed board such mattess, can cause skeletal dysplasia, serious can leave "scoliosis" hidden trouble, this problem must take seriously!
The teenager that is growing a body, must give them to use to sleep the feeling moderate slant hard mattess, too soft mattess can affect body development, spine is out of shape, even hump.
4. Adults (25-50 years old)
Adults are the backbone of a family, and their poor sleep quality can have a direct impact on how they feel the next day: when things go wrong at work, when they're distracted from cooking and when they're burned, when they're tutoring their children.
Life pressure is great, do not let the home pillar every night difficult sleep.Late to bed!
Give adult candidate mattess, can from soft, protect ridge, prevent mite a few respect proceed with.
Quite a few adults must face computer for a long time, evening still can habitually stay up late, insomnia.Cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebra, endocrine system and so on can appear problem.
A soft mattress can ease their tension and help adults relax.Can choose independent spring mattess, such mattess can support vertebra better, stick to the body, release pressure slowly, eliminate the fatigue feeling of the place such as neck, waist, buttock
The fabric of additional mattess also needs to pay close attention to, some fabrics have antimite function, can restrain mite bug to breed effectively.Don't take mites lightly. Adults metabolize as much sweat as a bottle of mineral water every night, and sweat and falling dander are a breeding ground for mites.
V. old people (50+ years old)
As the age grows, old person body gives size trouble easily, lumbar vertebra function also can degenerate, appear strain of lumbar muscle, lumbar intervertebral disc, lumbar leg aches and so on symptom.If you choose a mattress that is too soft for the elderly, it will definitely aggravate these symptoms.
The mattess of the old person can choose moderate slant hard design, conduce to turn over, won't be too laborious to the old person.Mattress must fit with the body curve, relieve muscle pressure.Mattess supports layer is good, hardness is enough, support force is strong, can bear the body very well.