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Did long lie at home lumbar ache?

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-06
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Did long lie at home lumbar ache?

Did long lie at home lumbar ache?That is your home pocket spring mattress double did not choose right, so choose, ensure you sleep comfortably!

Yesterday, because the 100 latex mattress is too hard, sleeping posture is wrong, resulting in a bad night's sleep, the next day is really too painful, eyes uncomfortable, not online all day, vowed to change for their own comfortable purple bed mattress!

You are not often sleep well, insomnia, stay up all night, and finally just overnight, if the next day is the weekend is good, can sleep for a whole day, the next day is a work day is not easy to do, feel that they are simply a lost line of waste fish, the work is not in the state, not get the work needs of the boss

The main reason that sleeps not well is the mattess of your home does not suit you, everybody is different to the demand of mattess, can not be careless on so choose and buy, need "suit the remedy to the case".Today, meimei will share with you the experience of choosing a few pocket spring vs foam mattresses.

1. See how hard and soft it is

Some people prefer a hard orthopedic bed mattress, some people feel that the soft pocket spring memory foam mattress sleep more comfortably, so, when we buy a 72 x 80 mattress to find their own body to adapt to the soft hardness;It mainly consists of support layer and comfort layer, support layer is mainly composed of spring, the purchase of independent bag of spring design sleep will not have abnormal sound;Comfortable layer is soft qualitative fill thing, general high grade mattess can choose natural latex mattess, high rebound sponge to wait for filling, assure sleeping feeling is comfortable.

2. Look at the fabric

The fabric of the 36 x 72 mattress is the closest to our skin, the how often to turn mattress with poor fabric, the friend of sensitive muscle is easy to cause the phenomenon such as redness;The friend that pursues quality can choose and buy knit fabric, day silk waits for fabrics, they are more close skin, environmental protection is healthy, the friend that worries mite bug, also can choose the fabric that contains silver ion, can restrain bacterium to prevent mite effectively.

3. Buy according to different age groups

The bones of different ages are different, so the requirements of the latex pocket spring mattress will be different;For example, the skeleton of the teenager is growing in the process, unfavorable sleep slant soft latex mattress sale, go against the bone grows, also want to ensure the environmental protection of material quality at the same time, caress the child grows healthily.

The old man in the home osteoporosis, the need for a hard 54 x 72 mattress to accurately support, reject the sense of suspension, resulting in back pain.