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DIGLANT Home丨Tell you the importance of mattresses!

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  • Time of issue:2020-07-20
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DIGLANT Home丨Tell you the importance of mattresses!

DIGLANT Home丨Tell you the importance of mattresses!
Chinese and Europeans have very different perceptions of mattresses. This difference is particularly strong in the value positioning of mattresses. The Chinese people's value positioning of mattresses basically stays on the concept of ordinary furniture, thinking that mattresses are not very important. So the price is cheaper, it is best to buy a bed and get a mattress. Use it for a long time, preferably a mattress for ten years.
But in the eyes of Europeans, the mattress is the most important furniture in the home, not one of them. Because no furniture will accompany you for eight hours a day. Mattresses have the highest utilization rate among all furniture, and mattresses are as important as sleep is.
As a result, under the psychological effect of the "nostalgia" in the bones of Chinese people, a mattress lasts ten years after use. Europeans hold the mentality of "enjoying sleep is enjoying life", and a mattress is changed every three years. Seeing this, the Chinese are wondering, why are Europeans so keen on changing mattresses? The answer is simple, because they are committed to the pursuit of the most perfect sleep quality and sleep experience.
So the question is, what is the perfect sleep quality and sleep experience?
The answer is simple, just four criteria:
1. Sufficient sleep, sufficient time, good quality and high efficiency;
2. Easy to fall asleep;
3. Sleep is continuous without interruption;
4. Sleep comfortably, waking up and getting tired.
Europeans believe that the ultimate goal of life is personal happiness, health and happiness. So it takes up a third of life's sleep, and Europeans have no reason not to grab it. So, rather than saying that Europeans are obsessed with mattresses, they are obsessed with perfect sleep. Europeans are not so attached to perfect sleep as they are attached to perfect life. In order to fully understand the consequences of this difference, we must also analyze the object of this theme-mattress.
What is the difference between a mattress that is changed every three years and a mattress that has not been changed for ten years?
A mattress, in its first three years, it can bring people the most perfect sleep quality and sleep experience. It can not only provide uniform support, uniform support, make the spine in the best position, and ensure reasonable spinal curvature. It can also make sleep more stable, reduce turning over, and fall asleep easier.
In short, its permeability, decompression, support, conformability, bed surface tension, sleep temperature and sleep humidity are at the peak of the value of a mattress. So the question is, what are the consequences of sleeping on mattresses that have passed the peak value period? Sleeping super
What will happen to the mattress in three years?
Sleep can sleep, after all, the life of a bed is longer than its optimal period of use. You just have to endure the fact that your mattress can no longer provide you with the most perfect sleep quality and sleep experience. So, when you go to sleep, there may be the following effects.
First, you must endure the stiffness of the mattress. The whole body has only four points of head, back, buttocks, and heels. The other parts of the body are not fully settled. The spine is actually in a state of stiffness and tension. To achieve the best rest effect, but also harmful to health.
Second, if you are lucky enough to escape the first disaster, then you must be prepared to meet the second disaster. Once you lie down on the bed, your whole body will be sunken and your spine will be bent for a long time. So it is also unhealthy and uncomfortable.
Third, the internal materials of the mattress become more and more dirty, and countless mites, bacteria, fungi and molds sleep with you. The disasters they cause to human sleep and health, ten thousand words can be omitted here. Such as skin diseases such as itching, acne, pimples, allergic dermatitis, acute and chronic urticaria, such as cough, allergies and asthma. What I have to mention here is that there have been studies that believe that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome may be related to mattress bacteria.
Therefore, Europeans changing a mattress every three years is not a waste of money, but a respect for science, a wait for health, and a reverence for life.
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