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DIGLANT: how to choose the right mattress guangzhou for children?

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DIGLANT: how to choose the right mattress guangzhou for children?

DIGLANT: how to choose the right mattress guangzhou for children? The three elements of DIGLANT.
A part of a person's life is spent in sleep, especially children, children have more than one third of the time every day for sleep rest, the quality and comfort of the children's mattress gel memory foam is very great impact on the children.In order to let the child healthy growth, parents choose a comfortable children's mattress full size is very necessary.So how to choose a suitable mattress for children for their children!Colorful life furniture to bring you some Suggestions.
1. Fabric of mattress for back pain
The stand or fall of fabrics is affecting children's health directly, good fabrics can effectively care for their delicate skin.As a result of the child's resistance ability is poor, choose fabrics for the child casually, can cause allergy to go up in one's heart even the skin possibly.The choice of fabric had better use of antibacterial anti-mite fabric, a good permeability fabric.For example: pure cotton, memory cotton and other environmental protection without adding chemicals skin fabric, is beneficial to help children sleep, and improve comfort.
2. Hardness of the material
The soft and hard degree of reasonable choice mattess, be helpful for the child's spinal development.mattress floor is too soft, easy to collapse, not easy to turn;Children's bones are growing, and too soft a mattress factory for too long can deform the spine, causing body deformation, such as the "hunchback" phenomenon.mattress distributor is too hard, make the place that the child contacts with mattress box spring likely, be like head, back, hip bone produces distortion, mattress bed spring cannot bear each part of the body well, for a long time before, can cause chronic injury to vertebra, bring about spinal damage, the height that affects the child gently and form, the development that affects internal viscera seriously.
Choose children mattess to have to follow a principle commonly, want soft hard namely moderate.Selection criteria should be soft upper, lower and firm, firm and elastic intermediate composition.On the one hand, the middle layer can give the child's body the necessary support, on the other hand, when the weight of the pressure can be transferred to the soft lower layer, so as to support the child's body, without the occurrence of spinal deformity.According to this criterion, when choosing a child's mattress 80x80, latex and coconut palm are better.
3. Appearance color
The exterior that children bed chooses also not allow to ignore.Size according to the size of the child, as far as possible to choose a little bit larger, to ensure that the child has enough space, to prevent falling.Choose bold and bright furniture colour, can arouse the curiosity of the child and attention, also can foster the sensitivity of the child to colour.At this point, parents can bring their children and let them choose.
A suitable mattress 6 inch for children, not only can let the child have a good sleep, but also conducive to bone development.For the child's health, choose the mattress 3ft that suits his child, or very necessary.