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Choosing a mattress is not a beauty pageant, the connotation is more important

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Choosing a mattress is not a beauty pageant, the connotation is more important

Choosing a mattress is not a beauty pageant, the connotation is more important
With the rapid development of society, people seem to have gradually become accustomed to a fast-paced lifestyle, walking in a hurry every day, and gradually feel that our body seems a little bit unable to keep up with the rhythm, how to better adjust the physical state within the limited sleep time , Has become the focus of attention.
It seems that the importance of sleep to health does not need to be emphasized anymore. It is important to pay attention to how to achieve healthy sleep. People's understanding is very different, but it is certain that the quality of sleep is very important to our sleep. Relationship.
How to choose the right asian mattress?
Everyone spends 8 hours a day in sleep, and one-third of his life is in bed. Whether a person sleeps comfortably has a great relationship with the quality of the arab mattress. A bad american standard mattress, overgrown with bacteria, compresses nerves, not only makes our sleep quality worse, but also deforms the spine and makes the muscles sore.
So how to measure a good american mattress?
1. High degree of fit: When we lie on the 7 zone pocket spring mattress, the soft cushion on the surface of the 7 zone latex mattress should fully conform to the soft tissues of the body, and there should be no gaps. It must be able to disperse the weight of the body and reduce the pressure on the body. The 5 zone pocket spring mattress will not bring pressure to the body, causing poor blood circulation and making it difficult to fall asleep.
2. Good support: traditional wooden bed or too hard brown 5 star hotel mattress, because of its inability to conform to the body curve and insufficient support, sleepers will have symptoms of back pain. A magnetic 40 density foam mattress mattress bed with moderate hardness will fully support the head, neck, shoulders, back, waist, buttocks, calves and other parts according to the natural curve of the human spine, keep the body bones in a natural vertical state, and relieve stress .
3. Safety and health: Although the surface of the 40 density foam mattress looks clean, it is easy to breed bacteria and mites after a long time. Therefore, it is more appropriate to choose a 3d latex mattress for health. In comparison, the shape and appearance are not very important. Therefore, when choosing a 30 inch mattress, do not damage your precious health for the sake of style and style. The chosen 100% natural latex mattress is an investment in your own health.
The Heye people absorb the essence of traditional medicine and integrate with modern medical theories. Under the empowerment of science and technology, they combine various physical factors such as magnetic field, far infrared rays, negative ions, antibacterial, etc. with the bedding, making the bedding change from simple sleep It has been transformed into complex functions such as health care and conditioning, so that people can improve their self-healing ability and obtain health naturally during high-quality healthy sleep that does not need to persist.
The 10 inch mattress is the longest thing to accompany us in the long night apart from our partner. Therefore, you must choose carefully when choosing a mattress. The editor hopes that everyone will have a good night's dream and full of energy the next day!