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Are your mattresses safe and environmentally friendly?

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Are your mattresses safe and environmentally friendly?

Are your mattresses safe and environmentally friendly?
As one of the most frequently used household items in direct contact with the human body, the importance of safety and health of mattresses is self-evident. The quality of the mattress is not only related to the quality of our sleep, but also closely related to our physical health.
At present, there are many kinds of bedding products on the market, and the quality is also uneven. The cheap mattresses produced by some small workshops are even more frightening. These manufacturers do not have business licenses and the production equipment is extremely simple. The mattresses produced may also contain a lot of harmful substances. A mattress can even cause cancer and disease for a family, but these mattresses often sell scary because of their low prices. Today, the editor will introduce to you, what harms inferior quality mattresses will cause to the human body!
>>>The harm of inferior mattresses
1. Excessive formaldehyde content is harmful to human health
The cheaper the mattress wants to be profitable, the production cost must be reduced. In order to make profit, many black-hearted businesses use inferior materials such as fabrics, sponges, and viscose with excessive formaldehyde to fill the mattresses, which will cause damage to the human skin, mucous membranes and respiratory tract. Great stimulus, seriously affecting human health. Not only that, in the process of making palm mats, some unscrupulous manufacturers add a large amount of adhesives to increase the strength and hardness of the palms. The continuous release of formaldehyde from the adhesives will also cause serious excessive formaldehyde.
2. Poor air permeability, easy to breed bacteria and mites
In addition to excessive formaldehyde content, inferior mattresses also have problems such as poor air permeability and easy breeding of mites. We are prone to sweating during sleep, and the infiltration of human sweat is more likely to cause bacteria to grow due to moisture and mold. Some high-quality mattresses will have special ventilation holes to discharge the residual heat and moisture generated by the human body and keep the mattress dry during sleep.
3. Inferior mattresses are easy to collapse and are not comfortable enough
Inferior mattresses are particularly prone to collapse, and you can't sleep in the same place for a long time, and there is no way to restore them for a long time. Especially for spring mattresses, once the bed surface is overstressed, the softer part of the outer layer of the mattress will easily collapse, causing people's cervical and lumbar spine muscles to be in a state of tension, causing neck and shoulder stiffness and waist pain.
4. Abnormal noise or vibration occurs when turning over, affecting family sleep
In order to ensure the elasticity and proper softness of the mattress, most of the mattresses are supported by springs. Often inferior mattresses will use springs that are connected to each other to form a surface. They restrain each other, sleep on them, turn over and twist. Influence each other's sleep. Not only that, the springs of inferior mattresses are very easy to age. After the aging springs are squeezed, relatively loud noises will appear.