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A good mattress is like this

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A good mattress is like this

A good mattress is like this
People spend one third of their lives in bed, and the mattress is one of our closest friends. A high-quality mattress not only brings good sleep, it also has great benefits for the spine.
Mattresses that are too soft like clouds are not very good mattresses. When sleeping, the muscles around the spine will exert force to maintain a certain level of support. If the mattress is equipped with a soft material, it will not provide enough support for the body, so when you wake up, you will feel backache.
However, the mattress is not suitable for being too hard, because when the surface of the body is in contact with the harder bed board when the person is sleeping, the protruding part of the body needs to withstand the pressure of the entire body, and it will affect the blood circulation of the body after a long time. , Must frequently turn over to solve the problem of blood circulation, which will cause poor sleep quality.
A high-quality mattress should be moderately soft and hard, with adequate support. The most important thing is to decide what kind of softness is most suitable according to each person's own age, weight and sleep habits.