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5 years + old mattress has become a health hazard?

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  • Time of issue:2020-12-18
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5 years + old mattress has become a health hazard?

5 years + old mattress has become a health hazard? The innovation of Chinese mattress consumption concept is imminent
The mat is used for 1 year, it will produce more than 700,000 dust mites, and on average, each dust mit will produce 2,000 excrement particles!
If the mattress has been used for 5 years, there may be more dust mites than the population of a city!
The mattress has been used for 8 years, and the absorbed sweat can fill 3 children's pools!
Dust mite allergies, asthma, spine pain, and lumbar muscle strain may be the main culprits for mattresses!
If you don't change the mattress for a long time, your immunity will decrease, your memory will deteriorate, and even cause illness!
These common sense of life, which is closely related to health, have been ignored or even ignored by the Chinese for a long time!
In the United States, 70% of households change their mattresses on average every three years. In China, the mattress will not collapse or break easily, and it will never fall off the line easily.
Behind the different consumption habits of mattresses, it reflects not only the difference in cultural concepts, but also the difference in quality of life and consumption concepts.
In order to let consumers realize the importance of regular mattress replacement and embrace a healthier quality of life, Red Star Macalline has joined hands with a number of head mattress brands to launch the industry's first mattress "5-year replacement" initiative. Promote the subversive innovation of the people's mattress consumption concept, so as to stay away from the hidden health hazards around them.
Mattresses are not durable goods, "5-year renewal" should become common consumer knowledge
According to the research report "2021 Mattress New Consumption Trend Report" jointly released by Youju Research Institute and strategic media Tencent Home | Shell, 49.8% of the respondents are using mattresses for more than 5 years, of which 10 The proportion of mattresses over the age of 28.6% and 21%. This is obviously different from the survey of American households. 70% of American households indicated that their mattresses would be replaced every three years on average, and about 20% of users believed that the life cycle of mattresses should not exceed three years.
So, how often should the mattress be changed? In this regard, Sun Shudong, deputy director of the National Furniture and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said that it is difficult for consumers to judge whether the mattress should be replaced by visual observation. However, he suggested that you can refer to the durability test of the new mattress. In the mattress durability test, a circular roller is used to apply a force of 1400N to the center of the sleeping area of ​​the new mattress, repeated rolling 30,000 times, and compare whether the ratio of the collapse degree before and after the mattress test is within 10% to determine whether Meet the requirements. Using this as a reference, a normal person turns over about 20 times a night, and roughly calculates that the mattress will last for 4-5 years at most.
Zhang Xiaoming, the head of the furniture testing professional team and an engineer, also pointed out that considering the comfort and safety of sleep, it is recommended to replace a new comfortable and healthy mattress in about five years.
Judging from international experience, the International Sleep Foundation (NSF) has suggested that the shelf life of mattresses is not equal to the best use period. American consumers generally replace their mattresses in 3-5 years, and some families replace their mattresses once a year. The mattress has even become a hegemon in the garbage dump, so that many states have enacted the "Old Mattress Recycling Act" to prevent illegal discarding of old mattresses.
Some analysts pointed out that although my country's national income level continues to increase, there is still a big gap between mattress consumption and health concepts compared with foreign developed countries. It is not "rich and willful" that American consumers regularly replace their mattresses, but the rise of the American public's awareness of healthy sleep. They attach great importance to sleep health and believe that having good sleep is the prerequisite for health and everything else. In their view, mattresses are consumables and should be replaced regularly like clothes.
alert! 5 years + mattress has become a "health hazard"
A study published in the journal Science last year showed that lack of sleep can cause abnormally high levels of "toxic" proteins in the brain. Over time, it may cause brain diseases, leading to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease (Alzheimer's disease) and Parkinson's disease. A study previously published by the American Heart Association in the Medical Journal of Circulation Cardiovascular Imaging also stated that low-quality sleep increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.
The most direct and effective way to improve sleep quality is to use a healthy and comfortable mattress. Among Chinese consumers, more people think mattresses are durable goods. According to surveys by relevant agencies, more than half of consumers believe that mattresses need to be replaced after they are damaged, and less than 20% of consumers have used 3-5 years to replace mattresses.
Many people may wonder, is it really necessary to renew a mattress? In fact, they don’t know that no matter how expensive the mattress is, no matter how good the mattress is, once the service life is too long, it will not only fail to "sleep", it will become a "hidden health hazard" and endanger life and health.
Recently, the comparison experiment of new and old mattresses conducted by the furniture laboratory also corroborated the above view. The experimental results show that a 5-year old mattress has accumulated a large number of mites, mites corpses, floc, dust, dander and other “dirty things”. The longer the mattress is used, the more waste will accumulate.
Zhang Xiaoming, the head of the furniture inspection professional team and an engineer, also introduced that the human body perspirates almost 250ml per night, which is equivalent to the weight of half a cup of water. As it accumulates over time, all is absorbed into the mattress. If the mattress is not replaced for a long time, it will bury hidden dangers for health.
In addition to the accumulation of waste and perspiration, the changes in the internal structure and performance of the mattress should not be underestimated. Although it looks normal on the outside, the condition of the materials inside has changed. Judging from the inspection results, the five-year "working" mattress has problems such as sponge aging, partial depression, and weakened rebound.
Sun Shudong, deputy director of the National Furniture and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, also said in an interview that the general mattress is divided into a contact layer, a filling layer, and a support layer. Among them, the main impact on the life of the mattress is the support layer. As the service life increases, the durability of the mattress will become worse, not only easy to deform, but also insufficient support. If the mattress can't provide enough support for the body, it is easy to feel backache after sleeping. Sleeping on such a mattress for a long time is not conducive to the spinal development of children and adolescents, and will further aggravate lumbar muscle strain and lumbar disc herniation in the middle-aged and elderly people.
The most important thing for a good mattress is safety and environmental protection. The amount of formaldehyde emitted must not exceed the standard, and the durability must also meet the requirements. In addition, it also plays a role in improving the quality of life. He repeatedly emphasized that although the surface of the old mattress does not appear to be damaged and the use function still exists, long-term use will bring health risks, and will also make users lack of happiness, and cannot meet their pursuit of quality life. Therefore, timely replacement of healthy, comfortable and environmentally-friendly mattresses is responsible for both yourself and your family's health.
What is gratifying is that with the continuous improvement of the income level of urban and rural residents, consumer demand for mattresses is also escalating, and consumption concepts are gradually changing. This time, Red Star Macalline and the industry launched the "5 Years Renewal" initiative for mattresses, which is also to further guide consumers to the correct concept of mattress use and awaken the awareness of mattress replacement. Red Star Macalline also united 16 head mattress brands to launch the "Super Mattress Category Festival" to jointly detonate the upsurge of mattress replacement!
Perhaps the gap between you and healthy sleep and quality of life is the distance of a new mattress!