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"Mites" crawl together when the mattress sponge foam has been sleeping for a long time

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  • Time of issue:2020-05-12
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"Mites" crawl together when the mattress sponge foam has been sleeping for a long time

"Mites" crawl together when the mattress sponge foam has been sleeping for a long time, use 2 leaves, do not dry or wash, the mites will automatically run away
Mites are ubiquitous in our lives, they are invisible to the naked eye, but they are quite harmful to people. Normally, we can remove mites on bed sheets, blankets, carpets and clothing. Handle it in the sun under the sun. But the mattress soft foam we sleep on is not easy to clean, because it is heavier and has a larger area, which is not easy to clean and not easy to sun. Where the mites are nested, although they are invisible to the naked eye, they are scary to think about.
Some people may say that mites like warm and humid environments, and now it is autumn and winter, there are no mites, this kind of understanding is wrong. No matter what season it is, as long as there are mites in some people's places, even in late autumn or even winter, there is no way to avoid it. And in autumn and winter, there is not enough sun time, and the mites on the mattress pocket spring memory foam are more prone to grow crazy. Since there are so many mites on the mattress memory foam latex, how can we effectively prevent mites and mites? Today, I will tell you that if you do n’t wash or dry, the mites will disappear automatically. You only need 2 strokes to get it done. It ’s very simple.
Method 1: Use wormwood leaves
Wormwood is believed to be familiar to everyone. It is a common plant in life. Although it usually looks unremarkable, whether it is used as food or medicinal, its efficacy is not ordinary. We can use moxa Grass is used to cook eggs and rice dumplings. If there is a small wound on the body, you can also use wormwood to crush the wound and stop the bleeding. But in addition to these, it can also be used to remove mites in seasons such as autumn and winter. The method is very simple, just like the principle of wormwood mosquito repellent, grab a handful of wormwood directly and put it on the bottom of the bed, bed or bedside, or use the smoked way to smoke the mattress latex foam, the wormwood is difficult Smell the smell to drive away the mites and make it disappear!
Method 2: Use mint leaves
Mint is a refreshing plant that is also very common in life. Mint is also a favorite of many flower growers. It can not only be drunk in water for detoxification, but also to purify the air. . In addition, mint leaves are also a good helper for mite removal. It doesn't matter without the sun. Take some fresh mint leaves to dry, put in a pot and boil, add a spoonful of salt, then wait for the mint water in the pot to cool, pour the water into the spray pot, but spray it evenly on the surface of the mattress gel foam, mites will It disappears automatically. Doing so will leave the fresh taste unique to mint on the mattress foam sponge, and also help us sleep.