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"Formaldehyde mattess" big panic, inside pedestrian teaches you how to differentiate!

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"Formaldehyde mattess" big panic, inside pedestrian teaches you how to differentiate!

"Formaldehyde mattess" big panic, inside pedestrian teaches you how to differentiate!
Recently, the news that the formaldehyde in the palm mat was excessive and caused the leukemia in the six-year-old child has been a huge hit on all the short video platforms and the circle of friends, leaving countless people in deep thought and panic.Many Internet users have become uneasy after watching, have taken out scissors to check their own mattress pad queen.
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Why do mattress pad manufacturees have formaldehyde?
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★ mattress pad king contact with people for a long time, close to our respiratory system and skin, and we have a third of the time spent in bed every day, and the human body at night resistance is the lowest, mattress pad in home emitted formaldehyde more easily into our bodies.
Common mattress pad cooling geles in our life, especially some coconut palm or mountain palm as matting material mattress packing box, formaldehyde exceeds the standard particularly severe.The main reason is that in the production process of brown film, some businesses blindly add a lot of adhesive in order to enhance the strength and hardness of brown film. Although the physical properties of brown film have been improved, formaldehyde is constantly released from the adhesive, causing formaldehyde to exceed the standard seriously.
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How does mattess formaldehyde exceed bid?
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"Tear film"
Everybody knows, mattess just bought when coming back, above can have a plastic protective film, it is a businessman to be in in transit, let mattess do not suffer damage and make.So proposal, child mattress on sale buys thick come back, tear plastic film, accelerate formaldehyde volatilize.
"Open the window for ventilation"
Place the mattress natural latex in a ventilated area, and the flow of gas will effectively remove the formaldehyde released inside the mattress memory foam king size.No matter what furniture acquired in the home, must often open a window ventilated, maintain indoor fresh air current, can discharge indoor harmful material effectively.
"Ancillary Items"
Activated carbon can be used to remove formaldehyde. The method is very simple. Just put the activated carbon next to the mattress, which can not only adsorb formaldehyde, but also won't cause secondary pollution to the room.However, activated carbon has certain saturation, so it is necessary to replace new activated carbon regularly.
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How to choose high quality mattress?
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Had better not buy the product that the price is too low or 3 have no product, should choose the product that regular company produces as far as possible, examine the mark of the product carefully.When purchasing a brown mattress, open the interior of the mattress to check the materials if conditions permit, and avoid buying chemical adhesive products.
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